A Hand Best Suited

Euchre players dream of being one suited to go alone, but most of the time, they are enjoy being two suited to win a hand. Sometimes euchre players are thankful enough to have a semi-playable hand holding 3 suits.

What is normal?  How many times should a player be 1, 2, 3, or 4 suited?

There are 42,504 euchre hands a player will see. With a little help from Microsoft Excel, these hands can be dissected for further analysis.  The table below breaks downs the total possible hands a player will see with out trump being declared.  Nearly, 90% of the time, a player will be 3 or 4 suited.  Only about 1 out of every 10 hands, a player will enjoy hold a 2 suited hand or better to call trump.

4 Suited 3 Suited 2 Suited 1 Suited Total
Hands 12,960 24,840 4,680 24 42,504
Percent 30.5% 58.4% 11.0% 0.1% 100%

Those mysterious jacks seem to always complicate matters, but this time the numbers don’t really reflect it. If at any one time, trump is declared generically, players will still see a 3 or 4 suited hand nearly 90% of the time.

4 Suited 3 Suited 2 Suited 1 Suited Total
Hands 12,600 2,4890 4,980 34 42,504
Percent 29.6% 58.6% 11.7% 0.1% 100%

It should go without saying these numbers do not reflect when a dealer could improve his or her hand.

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