Second Hand Low

A classic strategy in euchre is Second Hand Low. The strategy is a trust play that allows for a partner a chance to win a necessary trick. It doesn’t always work, but it could mean the difference from winning two points instead of one.

Here is an example of Second Hand Low:

Score E/W: 4
N/S : 4

North (Dealer)





Euchre Table




A 10

South declared diamonds trump and is holding:

Jack of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds Ace of Hearts Ten of Hearts Nine of Clubs.

East leads off with the precarious Queen of Spades.

There is no way that East believes that the Q will make it around the table, and it is obvious that East is getting rid of a singleton card to become two suited. The question remains for South who is holding the ace. If South trumps the Q, South could potentially ruff a winning A from North’s hand.  Not to mention, South will only be left with one trump. Leaving any remaining tricks defenseless.

South ended up playing the hand low with the 9, leaving a 50% chance of North winning the trick. South will eventually have to play 9 , leaving an entire trick up to North. What better time will South have in order to let North win a trick?

Besides, if North doesn’t win the trick, South will still have two trumsp and an off-suit ace win 3 tricks.

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