Calling Next

The Strategy of Calling Next or Hoyle is a simple concept that can be used to great effect in your games. Next is the other suit of the same color as the up-card. For example, if the suit of the proposed trump was Spades, then Clubs would be the Next Suit. After the dealer has turned down the up-card, the player sitting left of the dealer would Call Next, making Clubs Trump.

Next is an aggressive strategy against aggressive players. The more aggressive your opponents are at calling trump, the more effective Calling Next will have on the game. The higher the up-card, the more effective it is to Call Next.  If the dealer turns down a bower, it almost commands the person to the left to Call Next. Even if that person doesn’t have a great hand, that player should Call Next.

The logic of Calling Next resides in the idea that your opponents don’t have the Bowers or can’t use them effectively. If your opponents don’t have the bowers, then they are buried or in your partner’s hand. If your opponents have one of bowers, they are likely to be unsupported. Leading trump should pull the bowers out of their hands, leaving you and your partner with the remaining trump cards.

Guidelines to Call Next

  • 3 or more cards in Next
  • 2 cards in Next, and 1 off-suit Ace
  • 1 card in Next, and 2 off-suit Aces

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