Euchre Point System

Euchre Point Systems allow players to evaluate various hands. Although no point system is perfect, they do provide guidelines on when to declare trump. The point system below assigns points for each card in trump, the up-card, off-suit aces, and an extra point for being 2 suited. A player wanting to use this system, should add all the possible points as indicated on the chart. Points adding up in the range from 1 to6 should “pass” as they are very risky. Aggressive players should call anything in the 7-9 range.  A player who has a safe hand, anything above 10 points, should consider going alone.

Trump Suit Up-card




Right Bower 4 4 -4
Left Bower 3
Ace 3 3 -3
King 2 2 -2
Queen 2 2 -2
Ten 1 1 -1
Nine 1 1 -1
off-suit Ace 2
2 suited 1
Risky 1-6
Aggressive 7-9
Conservative 10+

Let’s look at an example.

Queen of ClubsJack of DiamondsAce of ClubsQueen of HeartsKing of Diamonds

Up-card for the opponent Nine of Hearts

Currently, hearts would yield 3 (J) + 2 (Q)+ 2 (A) – 1 (9) = 6 points, and the player should pass.

If the up-card was turned down, diamonds would yield 4 (J) + 2 (K) + 2 (A) = 8 points, and the player should call diamonds.

Although point systems do a great job of evaluating hands, they do not tell people how to play the hands.

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