Aggressive Vs Conservative Play

Euchre players usual describe their style of play as either Aggressive or Conservative. Aggressive Players are risk takers. They call trump more often, play questionable hands, and rely on their partner. They may win more hands, but in return, they get euchred.  Conservative Players will only call trump when they assured to make a point. While Conservative Player may never get euchred, they barely win enough hands to win the game. While it is easy to split playing styles in to a dichotomy, it is more accurate to view these playing styles as a continuum.

Many euchre players think Aggressive Play is the key to winning. Other players think that Aggressive Play is too risky, and it an easy way to lose games. Which playing style is better? The correct answer is that it depends on the situation. Both Aggressive and Conservative play can be successful. Both approaches have interesting strategies. The best players will use both styles throughout the game. The best players will quickly recognize and understand the playing style of their partner and opponents.

The score is the most common situation on whether a player should play aggressively or conservatively. If you are trailing your opponents by a significant margin, then it is wise to play aggressively. Since you are behind, you must take greater chances to catch up. If you are behind and play conservatively, then it is unlikely you have enough time to make up the lost ground. Conversely, if you are ahead, you should play more conservatively. You should try and capitalize on your opponents risky calls. Knowing when and how to play Aggressively or Conservatively takes experience.

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