Trump Suit and Card Rank

The trump suit plays the most pivotal role in the game of euchre.  When a suit is named trump, any card of that suit outranks any card of a non-trump suit.  The highest ranking card in euchre is the Jack of the selected suit, referred to as the Right Bower.  The second highest card in euchre is the other Jack of the same color, referred to as the Left Bower. If spades where trump the Left Bower should be treated as a spade throughout the hand.  The remaining cards of the trump suit rank A, K, Q, 10, and 9.  The other three off-suits rank A, K, Q, J, 10, 9. Please note, if the jack is the Left Bower, it is considered part of the trump suit.  Thus, it is not a part of the off-suit. The table below shows the rank of the cards from highest to lowest if that suit is called trump.

Spades Trump
Clubs Trump
Hearts Trump
Diamonds Trump
Right Bower Jack of spades
Jack of Clubs
Jack of Hearts
Jack of Diamonds
Left Bower Jack of Clubs
Jack of spades
Jack of Diamonds
Jack of Hearts
Ace Ace of Spades
Ace of Clubs
Ace of Hearts
Ace of Diamonds
King King of Spades
King of Clubs
King of Hearts
King of Diamonds
Queen Queen of Spades
Queen of Clubs
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Diamonds
Ten Ten of Spades
Ten of Clubs
Ten of Hearts
Ten of Diamonds
Nine Nine of Spades Nine of Clubs Nine of Hearts Nine of Diamonds

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